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PROLOGUE (Pages 1-9)

1 ((Eyes open))

2 ((Third eye blinded))

3 ((Click your heels three times))

4 ((The voice is cloudy/far away))

5 ((So what happens now?))

6 ((Warm hand in mine))

7 ((Still here.))

8 ((I manage to stand))

((As my eyes adjust to the light))


INTRO TO OZ (Pages 10-32)

10 ((Two years later))

11 ((Facts/Glass Guillory Crowe))

12 ((Direction?))

13 ((And then you are part of the rebuilding))

14 ((What happened here? The city is barren.))

15 ((I can’t remember the name of the city.))

16 ((Yeah, heaven knows…))

17 ((It’s where my aunt modifies each synth))

18 ((It reminds me of an operating room.))

19 ((She’s always faster in this room…))

20 ((I walk over to the far end of the workshop…))

21 ((If you’re not careful…))

22 ((Instinct/like stretching))

23 ((The mainframe monitor flickers to life))

24 ((I was still asleep/drowning/at the time…))

25 ((“We’ll be fine,” I say aloud.))

26 ((If only there was some other place…))

27 ((Memory/Rumple and Dad…))

28 ((“Tristan Baker. He’s a bit older than you and Tin.”))

29 ((Nobody’s questioning whether sapiosynths are worth…”))

30 ((“There’s got to be some kind of middle ground.”))

31 ((Before the accident I could never remember dreams.))

32 ((And yet/yet/yet))



33 ((Even though I was determined…))

34 ((If you have one to cut through))

35 ((He always has like two or three bandaids…))

36 ((“I sit in on council meetings whenever I can.”))

37 ((Have you ever seen Lorcan NOT smiling?))

38 ((She’s flustered))

39 ((Echo’s gaze doesn’t waver))

40 ((“Any further questions for Sapiosynthetic Production?”))

41 ((I find myself wondering how Tristan will fare…))

42 ((“I know. And I understand that needs to take precedence.”))

43 ((“Health and Synthetic Services isn’t present, I understand?”))

44 ((“It brings me great joy to announce…”))

45 ((“Shall we move on to Research and Development, then?”))

46 ((Echo takes a moment to finish taking notes…))

47 ((“There is one possibility…”))

48 ((“The wait list would require…”))

49 ((Tin lingers in the doorway…))

50 ((“I was actually just finishing up a transplant…”))

51 ((Tin turns a cold glare on Alec))

52 ((“It was merely one possibility that Glass raised…”))

53 ((“And you only ever will try one at a time.”))

54 ((There’s really no reason for me to stick around…))



55 ((The first few times I went into Spindle…))

56 ((Warm hand in mine in the eye of the twister))

57 ((One sense always leads.))

58 ((We open our eyes in a world that smells like coloring book paper.))

59 ((And he’d laugh…))

60 ((The chalk stops scratching.))

61 ((“Are you counting?”))

62 ((A moment ago everything around us was in constant motion…))

63 ((We’ve made it up to the fort….))

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