The sibling team of worldsmith Ben R. Weller-Passman and wordsmith Ru-Lee Story are proud to present The Glass Slipper Project. This blog is a serialized story set inside the mind and memories of Glass Guillory-Crowe, a child of the post-blight world in which millions of humans “backed up” their souls before death in a new technology known as a slipper. Glass is charged with visiting each Slipper, collecting the soul inside, and delivering it to its next life. Between their “mindmate” Red and the passenger souls that they frequently carry, Glass is used to having a crowded and confusing headspace. So they painstakingly record their own memories to ensure that their thoughts are distinct from the many voices that often surround them. The tale will all unfold right here on the blog, with regular updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


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